Marzano and Associates Salerno

Marzano and Associates headquarters, located in Salerno, Italy, has a solid reputation spanning forty years of experience. The main office works closely with its New York City-based office, Marzano Lawyers PLLC, to provide international legal services for private and commercial clients both in Italy and the United States. The collaboration of both offices offers a cost-effective solution for Italy and U.S. based clients who require representation abroad. This unique cross-border partnership allows the client to be represented by local counsel in Italy and New York, without the added inconvenience and cost of obtaining international legal representation. Competent and experienced lawyers qualified both in Italy and New York work closely with the New York office to provide Italian and international clients with effective, responsive, and reliable counseling on issues and matters that involve Italian and U.S. Law.

Italian practice areas include:


Marzano and Associates represents private and commercial clients on a broad spectrum of matters including international contracts, real estate transactions & litigation, wills and probate, trusts, family law, separation, divorce and child support, and issues connected to the import-export of products & services to/from Italy to the U.S. and EU countries.



The Italian office advises closely-held businesses and corporations on a wide range of issues including, but not limited to commercial contracts, business planning, entity formation, bankruptcy procedures, business liquidation, enforcements, shareholders/bondholders actions and debt recovery.



Our focus is to provide counseling and representation on a wide range of Italian civil law matters such as health and pharmaceutics, wills & probate, pensions, family law, employment law, insurance law, tort/personal injury and product liability.



Our expertise spans a variety of Italian administrative law practice areas including real estate procedures and acquisitions, municipal legislation rules and regulations, condemnation and eminent domain proceedings, urban law, procurement law, university and research law and taxation law.



The Italian criminal lawyers in the firm concentrate on corporate and economic crime, white collar crime, and military penal law. The firm also represents victims of crimes and accidents in civil actions for damages before the Italian Criminal Court.