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In the headquarters in Rome, the international Marzano Lawyers Associates, Marzano Lawyers PLLC, in the field of domestic law, remains firm focus on traditional litigation, in the civil sector in particular family, contractual, pharmaceutical and healthcare, corporate and commercial, as well that deal with the administration and management of international succession issues related to individuals and trusts.

In the international sector, however, focuses primarily on customers who are committed to the commercial transactions and international trading, for advice on contracts, to customer-supplier and user, and if necessary during the establishment and implementation the court and international arbitration decisions in particular with the East, middle and Far East and emerging economies.

The increased volume of international traffic between our continent and the Asian and, in particular companies, the increased movements of trades for goods passing through the routes that touch the major ports of Italy, thanks to the experience gained with the incoming loads and departure for the ports of Naples, Salerno of Gioia Tauro, in the areas of maritime law and customs law, have made it a point of reference for Italians and foreign businessmen who need assistance and legal and commercial advice, in their own transactions with Italy and in interactions with the European and Asian market.

Even the increased volume of purchases and sales of shares in a company, the overseas and foreign investments, the equity and corporate stakes in foreign companies by Italian companies and those in mixed participation, as well as branches of foreign companies relocated in Italy, requiring specific expertise and knowledge of international treaties, of customs law and arbitration mechanisms, mediation and international dispute resolution, which is a specialty of the study, in order to advance the resolution makes the most rapid possible, in compliance with the times dictated by the proper functioning of ‘enterprise and the protection of commercial traffic and business.

Even in the pathological stage of the contract, in case of need to resort to enforcement against Italian or foreign debtors or in cases of corporate crisis, placed in compulsory liquidation, or bankruptcy proceedings, the study is able to assist and help the companies to recoup their loans, or to lease them to train court titles that are flexible instruments, validly used both in Italy and abroad.

The study advocates a park, the employees in the various fields of interest, as well as paralegals with decades of experience in international markets, particularly Hong Kong and Shanghai in China and South Korea, as well as in the Philippines and that he knows mechanisms and possible areas of friction and problems in relations with the EU and Italy.

The English as the official language international business transactions will be used as the language of choice in the mutual communications, but if necessary, the study has interpreters and translators, as the case and needs.
Where necessary, the study is also able to provide a network of differentiated integrated collaboration with further completion professionalism to satisfy the customer’s needs, from tax advisor Accountant, Notary, and labor consultant.