The law firm is the fiduciary law firm for national associations which work to promote and protect the individualís human rights in some specific fields of law.
For the violations which do not find an adequate response in terms of equity and justice in the Italian legal system, both civil and criminal issues, and which are violations of the European Covention on human Rights and of the Additional Protocol, the law firm represents individuals and companies before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France.


Representation of victim of road accidents both civil and criminal

The Law Firm Marzano Avvocati Associati is the only law firm in Salerno and its Province, fiduciary of the Association Families and Victims of the Road (ONLUS) and offers consultancy and assistence civil and criminal to the family members and to the victims of road accidents.
In this specific field, please contact avv.ti Milena Marzano and Gianluca Iaione.

Protection of the Fundamental Human Rights

Marzano Avvocati Associatiî also handles cases which involve the violations of fundamental rights of the individuals as itís the fiduciary law firm for the L.I.D.U (Italian Association for the Human Rights), a nationally- based Association, active since 1949, which has the objective to promote the rights of the individuals in all the social formations and organizations where he/she exists and or works.
The law firm is able to advise and represent in all the cases where there are illegal, unlawful distortions and or unlawful and abuse of authority .
Avv. Gianluca Iaione is the attorney responsible for the LIDU.

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